The helical spindle and nut are used in unscrewing moulds in order to extract threaded core blanks mechanically. The drive is implemented through the mould opening.


Compared with traditional demoulding method, using helical spindle and nut has many advantages:

  1. It simplifies mold structure and makes your mold look better in appearance.
  2. It omits using electricity and oil and saves your cost.
  3. It’s easy to install and it saves your time with lower failure rate.
  4. It improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of injection molding production.


The spindle and nut that we use most are the ZZ1500 and ZZ1520. The following picture can well show how to use them.

spindles and nuts 5

We can see it’s a 6-fold hot-runner mould.

In the opened mould position at least 1/3 of the nut length ZZ1520 must be engaged in the spindle.

The helical spindle ZZ1500 must be prevented from rotating by the parallel key ZZ1558.

A pilot thread bushing with the same pitch as the thread to be cut guides the threaded core blank ZZ1550 in an axial direction.


Whether it is a medium-sized or large mold company, they tend to choose a trusted supplier to produce mold parts for them. Especially for complex mechanical parts like spindle and nut, excellent quality is the prerequisite to ensure efficient and smooth injection molding production, and this will also help you save a lot of time and unnecessary maintenance costs.

Many times mold companies want to customize non-standard spindle and nut that are suitable for their own design molds.

More often, large mold companies are forced by production needs and require fast delivery of components.

And all of these above, DasFormen can perfectly satisfy you. Email us to ask for more vedio and technique information about helical spindle and nut.