Collapsible core is a very good innovative solution to solve the thread and undercut mold release. Especially for very long thread and mold convexity that’s difficult to solve. It’s used for product demoulding of inner thread or inner undercuts of bottle caps

It can raise 30~50% production efficiency, and save at least 50% cost for plastic injection companies.

Compared with the traditional demoulding method, the main advantages of using collapsible core are:

  1. Collapsible core structure is compact, it requires less space than a rack and pinion mechanism.
  2. Collapsible core structure is more simple than the old unscrew thread mechanism, its installation is very easy.
  3. Its working sequence is to pull the core first((synchronous contraction during core pulling) and then eject. The demoulding speed is faster than old method, it can raise the production efficiency greatly.

There are many industries for collapsible core products, but they must be of good quality, high precision, and high technical requirements, so you must be careful when choosing a perfect partner for making collapsible core.

DasFormen has a professional design team for evaluating and designing collapsible core for customers all over the world. There are multiple standard collapsible core models for customers to choose here, and non-standard customized designing and manufacturing is supported!

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