Plastic products play a very important role in modern life.

The production of plastic products is inseparable from the design and production of plastic molds.

In addition to the most important mold core, plastic molds are also inseparable from various plastic mold parts.

We provide mold makers with parts covering almost all types of plastic molds. Whether it is standard or non-standard, you can buy and inquire on this website.

Regarding standard parts, there are the following categories:

  • Ejector pins and sleeves
  • Slide retainers
  • Latch locks
  • Gate series
  • Date stamps
  • Hot runner
  • Ejector series
  • Cooling elements
  • Locating series
  • Mold springs
  • Guide pins and bushes
  • Guide strips and wear plates
  • Electrode and chuck
  • Mold accessories
  • Customized standard parts and testing machines

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Plastic Injection Mold Components Overview

Check out the most popular plastic injection mold components here: