Air valves AJV


1. The air valve is used when it is difficult to eject the thimble in a deep, airtight vacuum state. And the product area is large, and it is also optional when it is not easy to fall off. It is a thin and short injection product.
2. Stainless steel products have excellent rust resistance, precise size, smooth function, long-lasting durability, and simple installation.
3. The principle is the same as the air valve control, using air diffusion in the enclosed product to make the product achieve an automatic effect in an instant.
4. Solve the troublesome design and production process of the ejector pin under the special environment of the mold, help exhaust the air in the mold, and reduce the defective rate of ejected parts.

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Air valves AJV

SUS420 stainless steel
48-52 HRC
to solve the problem of vacuum created during plastic injection molding better
Instead of ejector pins or others ejector parts for demouding.
Fixing the insert with spring pin to avoid the dowel pin to be worked off.
Working temperature
about 220°C
client’s design is acceptable

Mould pneumatic ejector alias: air pin, air pin, air valve, common air ejector, pneumatic ejector, VA air ejector, mould air ejector, air nozzle, etc.

Pneumatic ejector should be used in the condition of no perforating wall of plastic parts, the force of ejecting plastic parts is even, which solves many problems of ejecting plastic parts in other ejection structures, shortens the manufacturing cycle of mold, saves the material of mold and reduces the cost.

High precision, concise shape, no space, excellent jacking function, the best tool for jacking device improvement.

Using the air valve control, to the closed mold product spalling, with the air diffusion principle, so that the product in an instant off, to achieve the effect of automation.

It eliminates the tedious process in the design and production of the ejector ejector and dissolves the multi-fault of the ejector ejector.

The pneumatic thimble should be used in the condition that the plastic part has no perforating wall.

The force of ejection plastic parts is even, which solves many problems of ejection plastic parts of other ejection mechanism.Shorten the manufacturing cycle of the mould and save the mould material.


  1. Body and valve are manufactured completelyfrom stainless steel,Excellent rust resistance.

  2. An effective method of release the vacuum created during plastic injection molding.

  3. To substitute ejector pins or other ejectorparts for diemould

  4. Fix the insert valve with spring pin to avoid the dowel pin to be worked off.

China Standard Spare Parts Stainless Air Valves

Air Poppet valves are made from stainless steels and it will never rust.Air Poppet valves are one of the most innovated tools for the molding industries.It will resolve the problems for the molds design and injection troubles.We are able to make and process any mould components as your drawing and supply the best service for you sincerely.if you are interested in our products ,pls feel free to contact me ,or you can go to our webpage for more information.

All the air valves we can supply as well, such like VA air valves,AJV air valves,CUMSA standard VA air valves,VA air valves with sieves,Z491 air valves,APV air valves for moulds. We trust that we can make win-win cooperation.Weclome to send a inquiry to us.

Used for ejection of plastic mold. It could prevent mold damage caused by problems with deep draw or thin-walled parts. This type prevision-engineered air valves are designed to solve the vacuum issue often happened on the molding of deep draw or thin-walled parts.

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AJV-6, AJV-8, AJV-10, AJV-12, AJV-16, AJV-20, AJV-25


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