Ejector pins ZZ40S

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√ Low output ,low request mould ,lower request mould lift 10million times. mould core is normal hardness steel,Suggest prior to choose Taiwan standard or surface nitrided ejector pin.
√ Middle output , middle request mould :mould life 10 million -50 million ,suggest to choose harden & nitrided ejectorpin.
√ High output ,high request mould: mould lift 50million -100million, suggest to choose harden +surface nitrided orSKH51 high -speed steel.
√ High precision, high request mould,life above 100million request high precision mould ,suggest to chooseHarden+surface DLC coating ejector pin.

● There are multiple standard sizes to choose from, pull down the following menu to select the often used sizes, the rest sizes please inquiry from our customer services.

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Ejector pins ZZ40S

Ejector pins are used in plastics injection molds to eject or push the plastic part from the mold. There are many types of ejector pins, including different materials, sizes, tolerances and coatings, based on the injection mold base application. DME offers high quality ejector pins in all different sizing formats including Imperial, DIN & JIS standards. Our high quality pins are made from premium H-13 steel. We carry straight, shouldered, keyed ejector pins, return pins, sprue puller pins, ejector sleeves & sleeve extensions, ejector blades, core pins & retainers & more!

Ejector pin

Purpose Of Ejector Pins:

The purpose of an ejector pin is to apply a force to eject a part from the mold. In some cases this process can leave surface marks known as read-through or pin push. To avoid this the goal of the designer is to position the pins to minimize cosmetic witness marks on your finished parts.

Ejector pins are one of the least expensive components of a mold base however they are also one the most critical components. The mold maker will spend hours on machining and polishing the cavity and core to ensure the processor will achieve a high-quality plastic part.

However, choosing a lower quality pin could affect all of these hours and cause major damage to the mold if there is a failure. For this reason, it is critical to choose a high-quality pin that matches the application (more info on this below). Ejector pins are in the B-side mold half which is also call the stationary half. This is the half in which the plastic parts will stay when the mold opens. Once the mold is opened, the pins will extend into the mold cavity by the movement of the ejector plate, push the part out, and then retract, allowing the mold to close and be refilled.

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ZZ40S-1-100, ZZ40S-2-200


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