Gas spring WXG2400


√ Reduce the occupied space in the tool.
√ No bias of the springs, simpler application.
√ Using a gas spring for various applications.
√ Adaptation of the cylinders in the force required.
√ Better control of the workpiece during each operation sequences.
√ Significant reduction of the amount for the same stroke and force.

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Gas spring WXG2400

Product overview and application

Working Principle Of Gas Spring

Gas springs are supplied all around the world.The products are compatible with Japanese,American,
Germany and European Standard.Also we have obtained ISO and PED certifications.
Furthermore, our products has 2 million times (Or 1 year)quality warranty and lifetime after-sales service.Pleaseuse without any worry.
In addition to complete standard parts inventory and 24 hours technical support (Online or Door to door), we can also provide one-stop solutions for your customized needs.

Gas Spring is a kind of elastic component. It seals the high-pressure nitrogen in a certain container. The external forcecompresses the nitrogen through the plunger rod. When theexternal force is removed,the high-pressure nitrogenexpands to obtain the certain elastic pressure.This part iscalled nitrogen cylinder or nitrogen spring,referred to asgas spring.

At present,common elastic elements includes springs,rubbers and air cushions.These elastic elements have beenwidely used in the industrial field and they have solvedvarious elastic energy storage needs.In the mold industry, itis used in large quantities. However, the original commonelastic elements have some disadvantages which cannotmeet the needs of this situation and they cannot ideallysolve the requirements in the stamping process.

Current stamping designers only can use air cushions to make upfor these insufficient. However,when the press air cushion isused, the design and adjustment of the mold will be caused theuser inconvenient.

In this case,people are working hard to develop a new type ofelastic functional components to replace common elasticelements.This new elastic element has more perfect performanceand it can replace common elastic elements to complete the workthat common elastic elements are difficult to complete.Gas Springcame into being as new elastic tool parts.

Trust——Derived from Safety,Reliability,High Quality and Cost-effective

lt can simplify mold design, manufacturing, and easy to moldadjustment. Also it can be used as an independentcomponent installed in the mold and it can be designed as atube spring which participates in the work as a part of themold. Then it can easily achieve constant pressure anddelayed action in the system.It is an elastic component withflexible properties.

Gas springs is not only widely used in the mold industry, but canalso be used in other industrial fields,such as automotive,electronics, instrumentation and other industries. From this pointof view, the use of gas springs is quite extensive. lts appearancemeets the requirements of the times and meets the needs ofindustrial development.

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