Latch lock ZZ171


√ Compact structure, small installation space
√ No mold locking load, apply to low pressure mold locking shaping
√ Mechanical mold locking design, safety and dependable, right opening mold, no reacting force
√ The end of insert bar adopt high frequency annealing treatment ,Convenient second processing
√ No auto-lock function of closed mould, no matter first or second joint face during closed mould, don’t worry interference phenomenon

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latch locks ZZ171

latch locks ZZ171lnstallation Guidelines:
·Please install the housing in parallel to the parting line first.
·Before install the control bar,please cut it to the necessary length,form the bolt hole.Please tighten thescrew when mold closed.(Please note:Make sure in a fully position mold before fix the control bar,andeliminate the clearance between the control bar and locking roller ).
·Please cut the latch bar to the necessary length,and installation in parallel to the parting line.
·Please install the latch lock symmetrically,otherwise,it would be fractured with the unbalanced force dueto only one side of lock set be forced.
·Allows control of the mold plate opening sequence on mold bases,but not control of mold plate closingsequence function.
·Only suitable for mold plate opening sequence are required.
·This latch lock is the precise standardized item,please do not apply together with other own customermachined parts.
·lf mold need to maintain,please remove the latch locks first.
·After installed,carry out a functional test,check whether the individual parts of the latch lock units movessmoothly,the stroke is applicable.Recommend testing on matched Molds machine or lnjection machine,no Lifting Machine.

Latch locks series summary instruction:

·Latch lock was named switching ware or parting lock set,which was used for three-plate mold,its control mold plate ‘sprocess sequence unit by the way of mechanical.
· This latch lock should be install inside the mold or the external side:
(Internal installation type)Internal latch lock: install inside the mold,avoid clashing with outside parts or the waterwayits save space and don’t effect the beauty of the mould as a whole.
Prevents mold accidental collision damage in the process of transportation,for example 1.
(External installation type)Latch lock: install external side, its safe and reliable,easy to installation and maintenance,and big latching strength,suitable for all kinds of large、middle、small mold for example 2.
A minimum of two sets latch lock are requested to be mounted symmetrically at least with the same specification inone mold.

latch locks

Allows control of the mold plate opening sequence on mold bases,but not control of mold plate closing sequence function.
Only suitable for mold plate opening sequence are required.
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Z171-1, Z171-2, Z171-3


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