Nipples ZZ83


√ Quick and easy connect system
√ Multifunction:For switching quickly between different air tools and accessories with ease during applications.
√ High-quality materials:Solid Brass construction,anti-corrosion,longer service life,increased hardness and durability of accessories

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Nipples ZZ83

Cooling series summary instruction:

Rely on cooling series to control mold temperature to shorten products molding cycle,keep physical property steady and emhance products forming size precision,The design of layout is best effective method for cooling circuit in injection mold and die casting mold.
Products feature:
1.thermostability,can be used it up to 200°C,some high temperature products can use it up to 250°C.
2.good flowability,so that get lowest pressure loss.
3.Interchangeability,same code can provide a full range of products to match each other.
4.Inner structure can provide two choose one is with valve,another one without valve to meet different demand.
5.Easy to installed,fast to connection or cut off.
6.Extensive application,can used in air,water ,oil,variety of medium.
7.Bear high voltage,working pressure:Max 13 bar(1.3Mpa)
1.When used it,The temperature cant pass permit medium temperature.
2.Not permit medium will cant used it.
3.Work pressure cant exceed big pressure range.

Our Plastic Mold Components Includes:
Guide Pin&Bushes
Guide pin | Guide bush | Angle guide pin | Steel ball guide bush
Gate series
Sprue bush | Locating ring | Cashew gate insert | Runner lock pin | Runner lock pin bush
Date stamps & air valves
Date insert | Air valve | Air spigot
Latch lock series
Parting lock screws | Tension link | Latch lock ;
Slide retainers series
Slide retainer series | Slide retainer
Ejector series
Two-stage ejector | Ejector institutions | Accelerated ejector | Round latch locks | Core pin | Slide units | Wear plate | Slide core units | Sprung core | Collapsible core
Locating series
Square interlock | Round locating units
Guide strips &plate
Guide strips | Guide rail | Wear plate | Inclined wedge active block | Guide strips
Mold accessories
Mold counter | Limit switch | Tool safety devices | Shoulder bolt | Stop pin | Support pillar | Secreating washer
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ZZ83-5-5, ZZ83-9-9, ZZ83-13-13, ZZ83-19-19, ZZ83-9-5, ZZ83-13-9, ZZ83-19-13


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