Round locating units TTPNF


√ Highly accurate for precise final centering of the mold in the parting line
√ Easy fitting through vertical machining, requiring one clamping operation only
√ Round locating units capable of preventing wear and damage in core pins since it can be positioned before core pins are inlayed.

● There are multiple standard sizes to choose from, pull down the following menu to select the often used sizes, the rest sizes please inquiry from our customer services:


Round locating units TTPNF.1Round locating units Description

Round locating units provide positive metal-to-metal mold registry to align mold halves, mold plates or individual cavities and cores. Taper Interlocks are made of high-quality tool steel, precision ground tolerances that permit interchangeability. Extra grind stock is provided at the back of both male and female for positive fitting. It is widely used to provide alignment between two halves of cavities and cores.

Round locating units the larger sizes are generally used with large molds or plates. The 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes are generally used with small molds or to align cavities and cores. At least two sets are recommended for small molds or inserts, four for medium-size molds and six or more for large molds.

Note: Interlocks are used for very precise alignment of the parting line, to a greater extent than the mold’s leader pins. If you have to run the mold haves at significantly different temperatures, it is important to check the molded part dimensions to make sure that there is no adverse effect on the final molded part dimensional conformity, due to significant differences in mold half plate temperature.

Round tapered interlocks are recommended to be placed close to the center portion of the mold, to minimize on any potential impact of mold half plate temperatures. The round feature of round tapered interlocks means that there is less accommodation for thermal expansion differences between the two mold halves.

Features & Usage of round locating units

  1. Suitable for positioning in precision molds such as connectors and electronic devices.
  2. It is capable of preventing wear and damage in core pins since it can be positioned before core pins are inlayed.
  3. Makes the maintenance easier because it can be installed and removed from the PL side.
  4. Contacting the pin and bushing when mold is closed may cause damage. Please leave a clearance of about 1mm on PL.
  5. Use precision leader pins since clearance is fairly small.

We have stable raw material supporting us, to provide variable types and qualified materials into production.

  1. Material: SKD11 (Hardness:58-62HRC)
  2. S136 (Anti-rust, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion)
  3. Component fit coaxially ≤ 0.003
  4. Similar non-standard parts can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Choosing the correct alignment lock will reduce maintenance expenses, molding downtime and increase part quality over the entire life of the mold;

We will commit the resources and energy necessary to provide unsurpassed quality of products and service. We guarantee a better product at a very competitive price, with fast delivery.

If you need any help or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are trying the best to help you. Thank you very much!

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TTPNF-10-7, TTPNF-13-7, TTPNF-13-13, TTPNF-16-7, TTPNF-16-13, TTPNF-20-8, TTPNF-20-11, TTPNF-20-16, TTPNF-25-11, TTPNF-25-13, TTPNF-25-20, TTPNF-30-15, TTPNF-30-25, TTPNC-20-5, TTPNC-20-3, TTPNC-30-1, TTPNC-30-3, TTPNC-35-1, TTPNC-35-3, TTPNC-35-5




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