Slide holding devices SSLK-50A

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√ The positioning bead has a compact design and takes up little installation space!
√Using precision machining, positioning is more accurate!

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Slide holding devices SSLK-50AThe Original – still holding Strong!

specially designed to effectively prevent operational slipping of the slide in your mold base.

They are extremely compact and hold their rated weights without hydraulics or other complicated devices. They can also be used in multiples to achieve greater weight retention. The simplicity of the Slide-Lock design allows dependable, repetitive mold base slide motion, minimizing production halts.


High-strength tool alloy construction provides durable production life – components resist wear over many slide cycles.


Recessed into the slide for neat installation, they can also be retrofitted into existing slides. Simple pocket machining is all you need to install slide-locks.

Slide retainer series

DME, DME-EOC Slide retainer
PSL0001, PSM0001, PSL0002, PSM0002, PSL0003, PSM0003, PSR1000, PSR2000, PSR4000,

DME, DME-EOC Slide retainer
MRT 10M, MRT 20M, MRT 40M,

SUPERIOR Slide retainer
SLK-8A, SLK-08A, SLK-25A, SLK-50A, ZST-08, ZST-25, ZST-50

STRACK Slide retainer
Z5130-13, Z5130-18, Z5130-27, Z5134-7, Z5134-10 Z5134-15, Z5135-1, Z5135-2, Z5136-1, Z5136-2, Z5140-0, Z5140-1, Z5140-2

HALES Slide retainer

PCS Slide retainer
SRP-22, SRP-44, SRP-88, RC.123006, RC.164008, RC.205010, RC.246012, RC.328012, RC.328016, RM.651608

DMS Slide retainer
SRP-22, SRP-44, SRP-88,

NATIONAL Slide retainer
SRP-22, SRP-44, SRP-88,

CHOICE Slide retainer
SRP44, SRP88,

HASCO Slide retainer
Z189/10, Z189/12, Z189/16

MEUSBURGER Slide retainer
E3044/8, E3044/12, E3044/16, E3046/13, E3046/18, E3046/27, E3048/18/53,

CUMSA Slide retainer
RC.123006, RC.164008, RC.205010, RC.246012, RC.328012, RC.328016, RM.651608

MISUMI Slide retainer
SRCU12-5; SRCU16-6; SRCU20-8; SRCU24-10; SRCU32-12; SRCU32-16; SLLK16-C; SLLK16-F; SLLK20-F; SLLK20-L; SRPR16; SRPR19; SRPR22; SRPRH16; SRPRH19; SRPRH22;

HALES Slide retainer
RC.123006, RC.164008, RC.205010, RC.246012, RC328012, RC.328016, RM.651608

PROGRESSIVE Slide retainer
SRT-10, SRTC-10, SRT-30, SRTC-30, SRT-80, SRTC-80, SRTM-04, SRTMC-04, SRTM-13, SRTMC-13, SRTM-36, SRTMC-36, RET- 1

WEMA Slide retainer
RCR-10, RCR-20, RCR-40,

Compact, economical, and positive acting slide retention
Can be installed in new molds or retrofitted to existing molds
Installed behind or below the slide, eliminating interference with machine tie bars or safety gates
Multiple units can be used for large or heavy slides

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