Slide holding devices ZZ5140-2

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√ The positioning bead has a compact design and takes up little installation space!
√Using precision machining, positioning is more accurate!

● There are multiple standard sizes to choose from, pull down the following menu to select the standard size you need:

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Slide holding devices ZZ5140-2

Slide holding devices ZZ5140-2

Our Plastic Mold Components Includes:
Guide Pin&Bushes
Guide pin | Guide bush | Angle guide pin | Steel ball guide bush
Gate series
Sprue bush | Locating ring | Cashew gate insert | Runner lock pin | Runner lock pin bush
Date stamps & air valves
Date insert | Air valve | Air spigot
Latch lock series
Parting lock screws | Tension link | Latch lock ;
Slide retainers series
Slide retainer series | Slide retainer
Ejector series
Two-stage ejector | Ejector institutions | Accelerated ejector | Round latch locks | Core pin | Slide units | Wear plate | Slide core units | Sprung core | Collapsible core
Locating series
Square interlock | Round locating units
Guide strips &plate
Guide strips | Guide rail | Wear plate | Inclined wedge active block | Guide strips
Mold accessories
Mold counter | Limit switch | Tool safety devices | Shoulder bolt | Stop pin | Support pillar | Secreating washer
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