√ Complete specifications,effortless work
√ Strong magnetism, easy to adsorb screws, work more convenient
√ Imported S2 alloy steel material, high hardness, effectively prevent slippage and collapse

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Screwdriver summary instruction:

·Import material german DIN standard specification.
·Hardness:58-62 HRC
·Whole with magnetic
After strong magnetic treatment, after screwing out, the screw can be sucked out directly

Screw driver bits.1

Screwdriver is an indispensable tool in industrial assembly. It is mainly assembled with tools such as electric screwdriver/pneumatic screwdriver, and all kinds of screws are locked or loosened to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing productivity and improving work efficiency.


In the manufacturing industry, manufacturers will use different types and styles of screwdriver heads for assembly operations according to the different requirements for screw connections during the assembly process of their products.

Among them, the main basis for selecting the model of the screwdriver head is: torque, connection station, screw groove size, screw station’s requirements for length and diameter reduction, etc.
The choice of the style of the screwdriver head mainly considers the prohibition of non-professional disassembly and assembly by end users, resulting in unreliability of the product. Manufacturers often use weird screws for connection operations, making ordinary screwdrivers unable to disassemble and assemble; this requires the matching screwdriver head is used for production operations.

Screw driver
Electric screw driver
Pneumatic screw driver
Electric screwdriver bits
Pneumatic screwdriver bits
Slotted Screwdriver bits
Philips Screwdriver bits
Pozidrive Screwdriver bits
Square Screwdriver bits
Robertson Screwdriver bits
Hex Screwdriver bits
Hex socket Screwdriver bits
Security hex socket Screwdriver bits
Torx Screwdriver bits
Security Torx Screwdriver bits
Tri-Wing Screwdriver bits
Torq-set Screwdriver bits
Spanner head Screwdriver bits
Triple square Screwdriver bits
Double hex Screwdriver bits
One-way Screwdriver bits
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5-60-2-25-T4, 5-60-2.5-25-T5, 5-60-2-25-T6, 5-60-2.5-25-T6, 5-60-2.5-25-T7


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