Who are we?

DasFormen is an online shop based on industrial products. Such as Plastic Mold Components, Press Die Components, Factory Automation(FA) Parts, Cutting Tools, Hardware Tools, Fasteners, Gas Springs, Round High Precision Parts and Square High Precision Parts etc.

Our head office is located in Shenzhen. This is the center of China’s advanced mold processing and automated production. Our company was founded in 2002. We have extremely rich experience in plastic mold industry and precision parts processing.

Why choose us?

After nearly 20 years of development, our company now has 14 self-built and holding factories, each of which concentrates on the production of one or two categories of products.

Our biggest features, in addition to the diversity of products, we are also good at non-standard precision processing according to customers’ drawings. This is due to the strong engineering team of our company, which can not only put forward more constructive opinions based on the customer’s design, but also help customers design molds and hardware precision parts.

I think people all over the world know that Shenzhen is a fast-paced city.So there is also the same word for the delivery date of products: fast!

As for the products purchased on this site, you don’t need to worry about quality at all. Because our company has complete testing equipments. The testing staff are also technicians with more than 10 years of experience.

When your products are processed in our factory, we will conduct strict inspections. After all products are tested and qualified, we will be responsible for packaging. According to the actual needs of each customer, we will choose the most cost-effective international freight service for you. Whether it is by DHL, Fedex, UPS, by air and by sea, or even by rail transportation, we will keep following up until you receive the products and are satisfied.

Concluding remarks

We are very happy to serve customers from all over the world. It is our great honor to communicate with you through good products and excellent services!