Mold sets

Answers as below:
1. Injection mold belongs to customized products, rather than ordinary standard parts.
2. Product structure’s difficulty determines the mold processing’s difficulty. The more complex the mold processing, the more manpower, and material resources spent.
3. The cost of the steel used in the injection mold is also an important factor affecting the price of the mold.
Not only above three points but also there’re many other factors affecting the cost of the injection mold. Therefore, when you considering the choice of injection mold suppliers, it is recommended to choose an experienced injection mold manufacturer. This may help you optimize the cost of the injection mold.

They are very complex mechanical systems. Molds require: Engineering and design, special materials, machinery and highly skilled personnel to manufacture, assemble and test them.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a process in which plastic pellets are heated to their melting point then injected into a cavity (the mold). As the plastic cools, it hardens into the shape of the cavity to form the part.

Part Complexity

​The most significant factor in tooling cost for a plastic molded part is the complexity of the part. Injection molded parts with a lot of sharp corners, thin ribs or undercut features will generally be more expensive to make tooling for.

If the locations of sharp corners prevent the use of a round cutter for machining the mold features, they will require a secondary machining process called EDM machining. Likewise, rib features that require machining deeper than 1/2 inch and thinner than 1/16 inch into the mold can also require secondary EDM machining.

Undercut features on plastic part designs will always increase the cost of the plastic injection molds. Undercuts force costs into the mold design time and machining time. They can also sometimes require the molds overall size to become larger to accommodate the space needed for the “side actions” (moving parts) that form the undercut features.

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